The Bone Yard Grand Opening!

Nestled in Big Bear Village, the beautiful downtown area of the town, lies a new restaurant that is nostalgically quaint with a refreshingly modern vibe. This restaurant has a well rounded set of strengths; The atmosphere, service, food, and bar are all wonderfully crafted for a great dining experience. When you walk in, the first thing you will probably notice is the beautiful mural artwork created by local Big Bear artists Barbara Andrik. The entire atmosphere is very warming and stimulating to the senses, with brilliant lighting and a beautiful set up throughout the facility.

Our staff will welcome you right away and accommodate whatever needs you have, take your drink orders right away, and will provide a knowledgeable background of everything on the menu. The goal we have is to create a beautiful experience for you and your friends and family. We will tailor the way we do our work to meet your specific needs.

The food is specially crafted with the finest ingredients we can get acquire. Our burgers and ribs are made with authentic high quality meat, salads made with fresh and ripe vegetables, and our bartenders’ drinks are mixed with fine expertise. All this topped with the finest herbs and spices on the market. Come check out the new restaurant and let us know what you think! The restaurant is located on Pine Knot Avenue in the beautiful Big Bear Lake Village!

(909) 878-0401

560 Pine Knot Ave., Big Bear Lake Ca., 92315