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Geoff Tate’s 30th Anniversary of Operation: Mindcrime

~About Geoff Tate ~ When most musicians record solo albums, it’s because they need an outlet for material that doesn’t fit the scope of their band. That wasn’t the case with Geoff Tate. While there’s very little on his solo debut that couldn’t fit within the ever-evolving musical scope of Queensrÿche, the difference for the […]

Freddie McGregor

Internationally acclaimed, Grammy-nominated singer, Freddie McGregor, O.D., has made significant contributions to Reggae music since inception, and has also helped to shape it with his conscious lyrics and Philly-Soul style for over 50 years. Equally adept as a romantic crooner or as an emissary of strong cultural messaging, his undeniable vocal ability boasts hits like […]

ABBAFAB: The Premiere Abba Tribute

ABBAFAB is a stunning tribute to the music of ABBA featuring the sensational Anne Davies, Chelsea Faulds, Scotty Pearson, Nick Davies and a line up of stellar musicians. This multimedia production is a tribute to some of the greatest music produced in the 1970’s and 1980’s including monster hits such as Waterloo, Fernando, Honey Honey, […]

She Wants Revenge @ The Cave

~ About She Wants Revenge ~ San Fernando Valley natives, She Wants Revenge will be stopping by The Cave! The group’s debut album “She Wants Revenge” was released in early 2006, which brought along three incredible singles “These Things,” Out of Control” and “tear you Apart.” This talented group has had an incredible run with […]

Save Ferris @ The Cave

~ About Save Ferris ~ Where it all began Save Ferris is a ska-punk band formed in Orange County, California circa 1995. Their name is a reference to the 1986 film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Lead by the inimitable front-woman Monique Powell, the band enjoyed mainstream success in the late 1990s with radio hits, constant […]

The Crystal Method @ The Cave

~ About The Crystal Method ~ Throughout the past two decades, the musical landscape has continually merged, morphed, and matrixed, fractured in countless directions while intersecting at the most unexpected points.  Electronic music underwent a renaissance in the aughts, rising out of the warehouses and blank spaces and overtaking the biggest festival fields in the […]